Jun 8, 2013

How To Lose Weight, My Secrets Revealed!

December 2012 when my weight reaches 185.85lbs or 84.3kg, obese that is according to my Body Mass Index or BMI. Worse being in this weight is the feeling of getting tired and sleepy all the time, abnormal heartbeat, less concentration on everything and sleepless nights. I really believe that if my condition continues that time in a month or two, I could die in heart attack in no time.

Then New Year 2013 came, perfect moment for listing of resolutions and all, and yes I did wrote mine just like the rest, cautiously though that is why I did not include losing weight on the list because I want it to be as attainable as possible. What I wrote instead was for me to live a healthy life and this became the pivotal moment of my war against obesity.

Just to give you a little background ladies and gentlemen, my weight before reaching 185.85lbs hovers around 180lbs and for almost 3 years, I tried several weight loss program I could find like medications, corn flakes, after 6 diet, exercise machines, etc., but nothing worked. Well, I lost for about 5lbs initially on this programs but gained double in return, due perhaps to my character of getting discourage easily if I gained back due to weight remissions. I tend to loose my focus and throw everything away.

With my current goal, I'm not conscious anymore in gaining or losing weight, as long as I'm living a healthy life, no more failures or success, no more disappointments. With this in mind plus the right attitude and discipline, I was able to bring down my weight to 160lbs, thats about 25lbs less without subjecting myself to medications or any expensive programs.

This was how I did it:

1. Create my daily, weekly and monthly planner. Leaving healthy would mean that I need to increase my daily activity and so my daily routine included a long walk going to the highway where I hitch bus or jeep ride on the way to work instead of spending PhP5.00 for a tricycle going there; taking the farthest comfort room if I want to take a pee; taking the stairs instead of elevators, etc. Then I included as well a 30 minute exercise for the first 2 weeks, increasing it by 5 minutes every other week. I exercised 5 days a week, no buts, no excuse. Now about  my exercise routine, I'll make another blog post for it, stay tuned.

2. Start counting calories. How this became healthy? Well, base on my research, those with higher calories were actually the unhealthy ones, for instance, a bar of chocolate had a higher calorie than a bowl of fruits. If in situations where I couldn't really avoid eating oily and calorie rich foods being the only one serve during mealtime, I decrease the volume. This is difficult at first but you'll get use to it. In a day, our body is only capable of burning 3000 calories base on regular activities, now you need to see to it that you won't eat higher than these. Best if you eat below the count since your body will now use stored fats to generate the necessary energy for your body's daily needs. I will be posting as well the calorie guide of common Filipino foods in the blog, watch out for it.

3. Don't starve yourself because its one of the most unhealthiest thing you could do to your body. If your hungry then eat, watch what your eating though and do not overeat. Keep in mind the daily calorie limit.

4. Make water your best friend. Every time I eat something in small sizes, I usually drink a lot of water afterwards to trick my stomach and mind that I'm full. This is healthy in a way that our body need a lot of water, 8 glasses daily actually. Mind you, the trick works effectively.

5. Cheat day. Not that this is healthy or whatsoever but its sort of a reward day for the efforts you've done. For instance, on my part, I can't eat chocolates or drink soda's on regular days being highly caloric, so what I did is eat or drink these stuffs on my cheat day, as to not deprive myself of all the tasty stuffs this world offers.

Well, I think that's about it, quite simple tips really but its in the simplicity of things that make it so effective. You don't need to spend two hours in an gym or subject yourself to an expensive medication just to stay healthy and loss weight, just remember these advices with a punch of discipline and right attitude.

Hit the comments section if you have questions.


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