Sep 15, 2013

The Sweet and Dreamy Coloud Headphones For Nokia

No, I'm not talking about a sugar coated nor light cottony headphones here, but a music accessory thats colored to goodness that can make anyone day dream at an instant, the Coloud Headphones made for Nokia and its color-ruched variants.

Coloud Boom For Nokia

Coloud is a Swedish company that had been making robust headphones since 2012 that provide no-nonsense sound, no huge logos, funny gimmicks, nor unnecessary details, just reliable and functional headphones designed to deliver your daily dose of music. Minimalist approached they say it is, well, I call it straightforward, no if's, no but's, just as I wanted my life to be, less complicated.

Coloud Pop For Nokia

Coloud headphones for Nokia offers a feather light and sonically durable in-ear headphone with powerful bass, a perfect pair to its powerful, stylish and music inclined devices.

Coloud Knock For Nokia

I may not have tried any Coloud Headphones yet with any Nokia device, but seeing the design alone could gives me a notion of peace and balance between the two, that it is a dream match made in heaven.


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