Jan 30, 2014

Smart Telecom To Launch A New Home-Base Broadband System Dubbed Volterra

Telecom news ladies and gentlemen, hot on the heels, Smart is up to introduce an upgrade to their existing Smart Bro system which promises faster internet data connection for home broadband! Its codenamed Volterra for time being, a pretty catchy name which actually relates to a complex mathematical algorithm with a wide range of applications.

In the digital world, this system is enhanced as a Digital Pre-Distortion Solution for Wideband RF Power Amplifier Linearization. The adaptive digital pre-distortion solution it presents extends the linear range of power amplifiers, and in combination with crest factor reduction, enables RF power amplifiers to be driven harder and more efficiently while meeting transmit spectral efficiency and modulation accuracy requirements. I know these words were horrifying being too technical, but in simple terms, it's just a mere tweak to the existing 3G and CDMA signal technology of Smart to make them perform faster than ever before.

Faster connectivity results to, yes, you got it right, higher price and so Smart will introduce a new price bundles with it to compensate. Fret not my budget restricted friends, the current packages will not be scrapped, Volterra is just an add-on to the existing offers, targeted to data hungry and can-afford consumers.

No words yet from the company as to how fast this new system is, the price of its packages, the covered areas, nor the official launch date. But one thing is for sure, Smart will take the Broadband war to the next level and I salute them for doing so.

Interesting events up ahead ladies and gents, braise yourself.


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