Feb 27, 2014

Alcatel dominates Firefox OS market with a share of 65%, GeeksPhone insignificant

Long-term followers of the mobile market tend to see Alcatel as a company which is all talk, but tends to ship relatively little. In Firefox OS, this can not be farther from the truth – an analysis of user behavior shows that the Chinese company accounts for more than 65% of users.

Tamoggemon Holding k.s. offers an immensely powerful scientific calculator which provides Firefox OS users features not seen in any other product. This is achieved via a client-server infrastructure which connects the cell phones to a group of Raspberry Pi computers.

In specific, the data obtained from analyzing usership looks as following:

Alcatel OneTouch 4012 - 67,86%
ZTE Open - 22,11%
LG D300 - 10,01%

It is clear that ZTE's policy of intentionally limiting the amount of ZTE Open sales has backfired on the vendor. LG has a market share of 10% - it remains but a question of time when the platform will be discontinued.

More interestingly, GeeksPhone handsets have failed to amount to a significant level of traffic. This clearly shows that most developers don’t use their Firefox OS handset as primary phone.

About TouchCalc

TouchCalc is a scientific calculator for Windows Phone 7 and 8. Unlike most of its competitors, Tamoggemon Holding k.s. offers the product to its users at no cost. In addition to the here-mentioned client for Firefox OS, the product is also available for Windows Phone, webOS, Symbian and bada OS. Further information on TouchCalc can be found via www.tamoggemon.com. The Firefox OS client can be downloaded at https://marketplace.firefox.com/app/touchcalc-web.


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