Feb 16, 2014

The Nokia Lumia 1020 Chronicle: Cameraphone Royalty Prelude

This is not just any of my ordinary device chronicle ladies and gentlemen, besides that fact that the phone is extraordinary being a cameraphone royalty, it will also serve as my smartphone and the blog's official camera for the next few years, so expect a never ending features and biz-a-bits about it in full scale.

Being a preliminary article, I'm going to share with you the story behind this very important device purchase. For those who follow my blog posts, I had always assert my unwillingness to switch to Windows Phone being incomplete for the time being and not yet worthy to replace Symbian, but a call of urgency and opportunity came giving me no choice.

About two months ago, the blog's official cameraphone for almost 5 years, the Nokia N8, need to be sent for repair due to a damage Sim card slot. I inserted a micro-cut Sim to it with a loss SIM adapter. Somehow, the adapter snarled some pins beneath that it no longer read inserted Sim cards.

I had my regular Sim cut to micro SIM that time because I had a Nokia Lumia 925 trial device with me. I was supposed to have it fixed to a Nokia Care facility but unfortunately, Nokia Cagayan De Oro doesn't accept old devices anymore other than Lumia's, Asha's and some newly released featured phones. I suspect this has something to do with the Microsoft's take over of Nokia's device division. Anyways, they told me that I have to send the phone to Manila because their is now a single authorized facility who will handle it. Since I don't really have extra phones on hand, I went instead to a local repair shop to have it fixed so I could use it right away. The said repair shop did fixed it within an hour but unfortunately, after a month of used, the screen went black that I have to sent it back again for repair to the same shop.

This time though, they told me to seek the help to an authorized Nokia Care facility since they don't know how to fixed it. I then decided to have to sent to Greystone Nokia Manila. I also asked the help of Bryan Lee of Nokia Philippines to have it checked, the least I can be assured that its safe and well taken cared of. After four days, a technician called me up informing me that the motherboard got damage because the repair shop that I had it fixed previously used a non-prescribed glue or something that melted causing irreparable damage. Devastated, I then tweeted about the incident and desperately called to everyone who wants to sell second hand Nokia Lumia 920, 925 or 1020. Why second hand? Simply because I cant really afford to buy brand new, one of the perks of being poor. I even asked Bryan if theirs anyone from Nokia Philippines who wants to sell one, but unfortunately, nobody could or would want to, they must have love their Lumia's much. Nevertheless, a shout-out to Sir Byran for the assistance. :D

A week after the tweet and to my surprised, I received an email from someone in Davao City offering his Nokia Lumia 1020 for almost half the price to the original. He told me that he was an avid reader of the blog and understand my desperate plea for help! Just imagine a PhP35,000 phone to be sold only for PhP20,000 in an almost pristine condition with all unused accessories intact, a huge saving on my part and far better than buying a brand new Nokia Lumia 920 that currently costs PhP21,000 or the Lumia 925 that is prized at about PhP25,000. I then replied to his email and in a matter of hours, we were already negotiating as to the meet up place and all.

He told me that he is selling it because he realized that he doesn't like the white version and wanted to buy the black one instead, and that he wanted also to help me buy my dream phone. I was like, wow, at least somebody cared, and the rest is history. Anyways, Sir Dan, your an angel, THANK YOU! :D

An extraordinary event leading to an extraordinary blog features, expect a Nokia Lumia 1020 coverage like no other with no holds barred. I wont feature a review article anymore because I don't want to limit myself to phone specifications and featured apps, my chronicle will offer real world experiences that everyone can relate to most specially articles that could help you decide if the phone suites you or not.

Anyhow, hit the comments section below if you want me to cover a specific aspect of the phone. I'll be very glad to post an article about it. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more...


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