Mar 16, 2014

Nokia XL Gets An April Release Date In The Philippines

It seems like Filipino's will again be given another front seat row in getting one more of Nokia's recently announced Android running smartphone trio's as the Nokia XL is about to be release in about 2-3 weeks.

The Nokia XL is considered the flagship smartphone among the three carrying with it a bigger screen of 5 inches as compared to the 4 inch screen of the recently released Nokia X, and a 768MB of RAM as against the 512MB of the latter. The Nokia XL also enjoys a higher camera specifications of 5MP as compared to the 3MP of Nokia X and a bigger battery storage of 2000mAh unlike the 1500mAh of the latter. The rest of the software and applications features remains the same. (Click Here for Nokia X's Specs and Software Features)

No word as to the official local retail price yet but it is expected to be cost at around PhP800-1000 more than Nokia X base on the published international retail price rate. Standard retail price of the Nokia X is PhP5,990.00.

Its customary for Nokia not to release all of the announced color variants for their phones per country so expect at least two to four of the following; bright green, orange, cyan, yellow, black and white.


When is the exact date? Because im waiting for this phone like for a month.

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