Jun 22, 2008

Finally, Finally!! Metrobank Gave Love

I finally got a confirmation from the Metrobank Credit Card Corporation that my application was approved. Hhhmm? It took them quite sometime to figure things up, way tooo looong.. HeHeHe.

Anyways I'm still thankful that I got the approval, my purchasing power will be widened being able to charge my purchase or use cash. Credit card is safer also because I don't have to carry cash with me, but Is it really worth a try?
Here are some important things you need to know if you want to apply for one.

Completely filled out application form. Please provide all the details required in the form and sign on the space provided. You may send the accomplished form, together with the required documents via fax to 858 8890 or 91. You may also go to any Metrobank Branch.

Other application requirements that you need to submit together with the application form:
1) Copy of latest W2 with bank's or BIR's stamp, if employed;
2) Copies of latest audited financial statements with bank's or BIR's stamp for the past 2 years and SEC or DTI business registration, if self-employed;
3) Two copies of any valid identification card.
4) Copies of last two months' billings of other major credit cards with at least one year Principal card membership, if any;
5) For Foreigners, on top of the income documents, please include copy of Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) with one-year validity.

Current fees and charges are as follows:
- No first-year annual fee waivers for approved applications.
- Annual fee charges: P1,400 - Principal / P800 – Extension/Supplementary
Installment limit of up to 100% of the credit limit
- Cash advance fee is 3% of the cash advance amount or P300, whichever is higher
- Finance charges- 2.49%
- Over limit fee – P700
- Late payment fee – 7.5% of the total outstanding balance or P700, whichever is higher
- Easy Payment Options – (a) pay the Minimum Amount Due which is 4% of the outstanding balance or P250 whichever is higher, or (b) pay the Full Outstanding Balance, or (c) pay any amount that is between the Minimum Amount Due and Full Outstanding Balance.
- With credit sub-limits for extension cardholders
- Balance transfer installment schemes
- With Automatic Debit Arrangement Facility
- May avail of the Cash2Go (The BEAT Installment Plan)


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