Jun 21, 2008

The Big Switched!! How To Love

I've been a big fan of Smart Communication ever since I switched to the network 2 years ago. My first sim was Globe and been using it for 3 years not until I was asked by my ex girlfriend to continue her Smart postpaid plan that I left Globe for good. From then on, I was using and loving it, I was impress by its services, they have the most up to date features and always the first to introduce something new in the world of mobile service.
But then I have to switched back to Globe, the second rate trying hard company c", because of the mediocre signal of Smart in our house and worst of all, their claiming as the largest network in the country with the widest coverage and yet our place is a dead zone, how ironic is that for a claim being in a place very close to a city, big shame, pure media frenzy. We transferred in this place just recently and can't stand delayed text or unclear calls because of poor signal. I have to go out of the house every time I make calls or texts, very inconvenient in my part.

Now I'm happy to have switched. With Globe, I can enjoy the best signal in the world serving me with the real essence of owning mobile phone, communication and accessibility.

And also, a heartfelt thanks to Globe for approving our postpaid plan application 2 weeks ago, it was sweet of you.


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