Jun 25, 2008

Im Dying To Have This Love Phone!!

Good Morning Everyone.
Thanks for taking time to visit my blog that if there are any? How will I know if I have visitors on this blog?c",well...

The Phone To Die For HeHeHe.

The Nokia N82 Black Series.

Its been a week now that Ive been searching for a new phone to have and to hold. At first I was thinking about getting a touchscreen phone with the likes of iPhone, O2, HTC Touch, I-mate, among others but reached to a conclusion of not having them because of inconvenience. Yes, I can say that this touchscreen phones are inconvenient to used because you have to use both hands in using them and if your a practical type of person, you will realized that in the real world like when your walking on the street or when your riding a bus, train etc. using them is very difficult specially if you carry several loads with you. You have to take out the stylus, and do a lot of pen pointing before you can do simple task such as text or call. Its quite risky as well specially if your here in the Philippines where snatching is fraudulent, among the other disadvantages of touchscreen phones and there were several of them, thanks to the advises given by Steve Lietchfield of AllAboutSymbian.

Among the Non Touchscreen phones, the N82 black edition came as my most desirable phone to have, because it has the all the features I need. Aside from its eye catching look, it has a 5 megapixel camera with zenon flash that produces well balanced colored pictures. I love traveling and taking pictures a lot and also been wanting to buy a digital camera in that matter and so this phone satisfy that aspect. A GPS is a plus factor to since I dont have to buy maps every time I want to explore places I haven't been to. The n-gage games is a big factor as well as the MP3, MP4 player, the Bluetooth A2DP and the WIFI among others.

Unfortunately, I still have to wait for about 3 weeks or more since I need to purchase this phone through a credit card so I can earn points c", My recently approved Metrobank credit card is on the way and it will only be a matter of time before I can hold on to this beautiful piece of art.

That if Nokia can Read this blog and decide to give this phone to me for free Hehehe, I will then be featuring this Phone everyday on this blog.

Anyways thanks for taking time in reading this blog. I promise to give you helpful information next time.

If you have comments or suggestion like topics to discuss, feel free to leave messages.

Thanks and GOD Bless!


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