Jun 26, 2008

Love The Most Awaited Clash Of Two Titans

Nokia VS Apple

Nokia, the leading mobile phone manufacturer in the world will launch its own touch screen dedicated device to compete with the most popular mobile touch screen device in the world, Apple's Iphone. The Nokia device code name Tube will compete with the Iphone in all aspect, even incorporating the specs of their current popular high end devices to it with the likes of 5mega pixel camera, zenon flash, GPS, wifi, 3G HSDPA among others. On the other hand, Apple will also launch another Iphone version, this time with 3G support, high end camera, GPS among others. It will then be a head to head collission with features, capacity and style with the ultimate goal of being the best and most innovative ever.

Who will win this?!!

In terms of sales, my prediction will be the Nokia Tube since Nokia is a well stablish company all over the world, marketing and advertising will be a breeze while Iphone can only be sold in selected countries. Nokia will definitely eat a sum of Apples market share.

In terms of features, Nokia wins as well. Nokia is good in incorporating new features and other phones features as well and improving them thus making them their own.
The most that Apple could do is lower there prize soo they can compete with Nokia.

By the start of 2009, we could either have Nokia Tube or Apple Iphone2 in our hands. Either way, us, the buyers are the real winners here. We could enjoy to the fullest what mobile technology can offer and the best is yet to come.


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