Apr 24, 2009

American Idol 8 Round Up

Performance Night:

The performance night was one of the best show ever in Season 8. I thought it was a major brag at first having no idea what era the Theme was and what song where referred to as Disco. My current idea about it was that its a fast electronic beat like Boom Boom Pow kind of thingy but I perceive it incorrectly, it was an old circa that drag my excitement down further. Big thanks to the renditions of the Top 7, my idea of it have change 360 degrees particularly the performance of Adam Lambert and Kris Allen.

I believe it was an Adam Lambert's Night, performing his best rendition ever. If I Cant Have You was by mile more better than Mad World and the rest of his songs, it was actual the first time that I was able to connect emotionally to his performance, a moving performance.

Kris Allen's rendition of She Works Hard For The Money was unique and very original, an art of artistry and brilliance. I can now clearly see him joining Adam Lambert at the final showdown. He had successfully distinguish himself as real artist other than just a singer and that makes a big difference.

Going down to my other beats, Allison has a power vocal performance, she always does and she slowly groomed herself to artfulness. The transformation from a singer with good vocals to a real performer was very visible for here. It will be here biggest asset to make it to the end. Simon call him the underdog because he know that Allison's journey can be great underdog story and everyone loves Underdogs.

Anoop and Matt lost the call of stardom, Matt specially, he was among the best talent in the show but unfortunately, they have not wage extra effort to make their performances more appealing to viewers.

Elimination Night:

Elimination night was one of the most exciting night so far because two contestants will be booted out and I thought one of my beats will definitely be eliminated and it did. Anoop Desai, one of my early favorites was axed face down amidst good reviews from the judges except Simon. It was expected though because only few contestants left and most of them are talented and popular.

Lil Rounds was finally eliminated, maybe Americans have realized her suffering and finally put an end to it. She was the first one to be called and booted. The next roll call was the most unexpected because Allison was called to be one of the bottom two with Anoop Desai. She really have no viewers appeal amidst her great talent, sad but she might be ending her quest next week or two weeks from now unless people will step up for her like Miley Cyrus who made a call to everyone for votes. She needs support and she needs it badly.

That's all for now folks, more American Idol round ups next week. c",


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