Apr 23, 2009

Metrobank Credit Card Cashback Promotion On The Go.

Metrobank Card Corporation, a joint venture of Metropolitan Banking Corporation, the country's biggest bank and ANZ, Australia's most awarded loan lender, gunned a new advertising campaign for their Loyal Credit Card Users, the Metrobank Credit Card Cashback Promotion.

Earn Php300 cashback when you use your Metrobank Credit Card anywhere. A monthly spend of P10,000 is needed to earn the cashback.

1. This promotion is open to all cardholders of Metrobank Mastercard/Visa Credit Card and Femme Visa.
2. Upon reaching an accumulated monthly spend of Php10,000 anywhere, cardholders will get Php300 back. Valid send includes all retail transactions; i.e. non-installment purchase of goods and services from merchants. Examples of retail transactions are purchases from groceries, department stores, gasoline stations, clothing stores, etc.
3. Valid spend excludes finance charges, penalty fees, annual membership fees and other charges. Also excluded from the spend are Cash Advances, Bills2Pay, Balance Transfer, Balance Conversion, Merchant Installment and Payment Arrangement transactions.
4. Accumulation of any amount more than Php10,000 within a months is still equivalent to Php300 cash back.
5. To Join the promotion, card holders will need to register by texting CASH <16-digit> and send to 0918-963MTXT (6898). For example: CASH 1234567812345678 8700700 markcruz@yahoo.com. One the registration is completed, a notification message will be send to cardholder's mobile number within 3 working days. Transaction date within the calendar months will now be tracked versus the Php10,000 promotion requirement.
6. The Php300 cashback will appear on the monthly billing statement of qualified and registered cardholders. The cashback will appear in the succeeding month.
7. Some cardholders may have their monthly billing statement reflect the cashback 2 months after the promo month. However the cashback will be credited to cardholder's account within 3 days from the ens of each month. Affected cardholders can confirm by calling their respective hotlines.
8. To qualify for a cashback, cardholders must have an active account, and have no existing past due. Otherwise the cashback will be forfieted.
9. Promotion period: April 1 to May 31, 2009
10. The use of Metrobank Credit Card in connection to this promo is subject to the Terms and Conditions governing the issuance of Metrobank Credit Cards.

For Questions and Clarification, Call 8-700-700 (Metro Manila) or 1-800-1-888-5775 (Domestic Tool Free)


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