Apr 22, 2009

Nokia Photo Browser Ported To N82

Nokia Beta Labs release a new beta version of Nokia Photo Browser that can now support S60 Feature Pack 1 devices like the magnificent N82. The software first came out two weeks ago with 5800 XpresMusic as the only supported phone and gained a huge buzz all over the web by bringing new experience in photo viewing.

I can say that this is one of the best enhancement Nokia had recently. It simply made photo veiwing fun and attractive. Credit goes down to the people behind this, though not an original concept (reminds me of Cooloris software on PC), porting this to mobile phone with features added like 3D effect, is worth praising. Yes, I find the old Nokia photo browser annoying since it doesn't segregate images from videos and yes its dull and boring. This software is like a relief I have been waiting for a long time.

Upon opening this software for the first time, uploading images takes at about 10 minutes or more, depending on the number of pictures save on the phone and memory card but once all the images were uploaded and save by the software's memory, everything works majestically.

Transition from one images to the other is fast within a thumbnail window, though there is a slight delay of about 2 seconds in removing blur specially when your browsing from one thumbnail window to another, few tweaks made will solve the problem in due time. The thumbnail window is an eye candy with a 3D floating effect making the switch from one images to the other looks awesome and the change from landscape mode to portrait mode is smooth. Zooming images to fit the screen is one click away but it doesn't have the bubble 3D effect that of touched UI's. I don't think Nokia can find a way to have this bubble effect ported to non touch phones, and lastly an option to know the name of the picture and the date it was taken. All this adds up to making photo viewing lively and interactive, my kind of way. I found a minor bug though, when you open the Photo Browser on a Portrait mode, the images comes out rn Landscape postition and you have to tilt your phone landscape then back to portrait to correct it.

Anyways, why not port this effect to the phones Menu next so it would bring something different. I have always been wanting something different on my phone every now and then thats why I become a Nokia stought follower. They always offer something different every now and then with wide rage of optimization and personalization on their portfolio.

If you want to experience the new Nokia Photo Browser, DOWNLOAD HERE. For more Outstanding Nokia N82 Applications and Software, CLICK HERE.


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