May 22, 2009

American Idol 8 Finale, American Idol Sucks!!

Well, well, well, its a wraps for now on to my American Idol Season 8 blog round ups, maybe this is going to be my last post about the show because I'm getting a life now hehehe, seriously, I'm not featuring the show anymore because I'm starting to hate it. Its failure to deliver great talents to victory is the main reason behind this and America doesn't know how to choose raw talents. I think Simon needs to quit the show because nobody in America listens to him anymore. Did you see his reaction when Kris Allen was called as the winner, he didn't even stand to recognize Kris, hahaha, poor guy, the legendary Simon Cowell hates him and so are the mainstream media who wants Adam Lambert to win.

In my early post, booth of them was my beat and so were Allison, Megan, Matt and Anoop but what I hate about the result was that, its very obvious that Adam was mile more talented than Kris and that matters to me because its a talent show and not a popularity culture clash show. Oh well, the show was going down anyway so this is a big farewell party victory. I'm not going to watch the show anymore and America sucks, all hail to the metal rockers!!


i wish Kris would embrace his victory better, but maybe he just needs some time for it all to soak in... In any case he'd better not wait too long, Adam is already swooping in to steal his thunder

he never have to, he will not break in to the mainstream because theirs nothing special in him, he won Idol because of sympathy votes and not because of talent and the media is starting to turn against him by featuring Adam more, poor guy. he was the most undeserving winner in AI history.

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