May 15, 2009

American Idol 8: Semi-Final Round Up

Performance Night:

Round 1

Danny Gokey - Dance Little Sister
Second to the worst performance in the history of American Idol, last week was the the champ in the category. It seemed like he was not sure with what his doing and he is not comfortable with it. A big hooray to the haters and to me, my ears were even flapping out of happiness, sorry Gokey fans.

Kris Allen - Apologies
Not a great performance. Its kinda sound like an amateur rendition to me. He didn't do something great on it like change the arrangement or something. In short, it wasn't a Kris performance that I'm used to.

Adam Lambert - One
Okay I'm not a U2 fan and I find U2 songs boring and that's why I find Adam Lambert's performance good but not as great as his past performances. It was out of touch night for him because I couldn't connect with the song and the arrangement was dismal. He would have changed the arrangement and make it his own but I doubt if Simon will be pleased because its his favorite song and he loves U2, groose!

Winner: Adam Lambert

Round 2

Danny Gokey - You Are So Beautiful
I thought it was a good song of choice but because I hate Danny big time, it just didn't matter and again its my worsiest performance of the round. I've never been so annoyed with an American Idol contestant before, only Danny. Maybe its because of the dead wife, he vehemently used his wife's memory just to score sympathy and made it this far, horrible.

Kris Allen - Heartless
It was a good rendition but unfortunately I hate the song, and yes my blog today officially became a hate blog. It was the typical Kris performance that I like ever since and he pulled it over smoothly.

Adam Lambert - Cryin'
I find the song better than the first, I love Aerosmith, but again the arrangement was another off steam because its a fast beat song and it seemed like he was confused as to how he can squeeze all his style in just a minute and forty performance.

Winner: Kris Allen

Elimination Night:

A strong finished for Kris Allen as he was saved first then seconds later, Adam and my most awaited moment in the season, Danny's farewell video. Its been long due after all the hate mails and comments made by American Idol experts and fanatics.

I believe though that Kris wasn't the real contestant who got the highest vote because everybody just want Danny to go and so they voted for Kris and so were Adam fans who doesn't want to go head to head with Danny strong following on the finale. Kris doesn't have a strong following like Adam and I believe it will be an easy win for the Glamour Rocker.


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