May 29, 2009

Just Another Mobile Phone Price Watch Philippines

Its been awhile guys since I feature a Price watch, well this was because my mind is solely fixed on buying the most awaited smartphone in the entire mobileverse, Nokia N97, that I didn't care touring up to mobile shops and asking other phones prices, oh well here it is now, by the way, I was asking every store I've been to about N97 and as of the moment, they don't have any confirmation just yet but accepts reservations, you just need to pay Php10,000 so they can secure a unit for you once it becomes available.

Back to the price list, I've been following remarkable phones, to start with, the latest ESeries device that grace the Nokia portfolio, E75. Price range of this phone is now unbelievably within the Php20,400 mark in one of the stores I inquired while the rest plays below Php21,000, can you imagine this? a powerful device with a full QWERTY keyboard glory costing only a dime? hehe just kidding, its still expensive to me and most people here but the thought that it have almost crossed below Php20,000 marked in just 2 weeks after its release was remarkable and it will only be a matter of time when this phone cross below that line, incredible. People should buy this phone, its the best value phone at the moment among the new breeds.

The Nokia N85, my dream AMOLED screen carrying phone was now price within the Php18,500 sale marked which is also amazing since this phone is power featured and top notched. If Nokia N97 did not exist at the moment, I would have bought this phone by now to team up with my N82 but sadly, N97 is about to be release, so its a chao and final goodbye my once dream phone.

N96 on the other hand, the NSeries DVBH, 2.8 wide screen powerhouse phone is now within the Php27,900 marked. A remarkable drop rather but within the range of N97. I don't think this phone should be price this way knowing that N97 is just around the corner beaming within same price range, it should be lower by 5thousand so it can attract potential buyers. Maybe the phone production was costly thats why they cant lower it further, anyhow the DVBH will still matter in some buyers.

E71 has now cascade down to Php16,900 marked, the only QWERTY carrying power phone before E75 and N97, now its a cold shot but it has already become a legendary, a fleet only few can achieved, kudos to the makers and designers!

Finally the Omnipotent Nokia N82. Rumor has it that the phone will be put to rest together with the Nokia N95 variants after two years of existence. A sad news to the world since it will hinder peoples discovery of its greatness and capacity. This phone deserves to be in the hall of fame and must go down in history as the best xenon carrying camera phone to ever exist. The prize royalty is now within the Php13,900 range, the best of the best value featured packed phone out there. People should buy this phone and must hurry buying one before supplies last.

More Price Watch folks, Stay Tuned!


Yeow dude! What phone are you exactly planning to get on July?

Dude c", long time no hear? haven't seen you in N82 page anymore, waz up with you? Anyways bout your question, I'm all geared to buy Nokia N97 dude, I want something different in contrast to N82 which I will still be using. Perfect pair isn't it?

I had a long vacation in our province and there is no internet there. There isn't even any signal of Smart there so I had no chance to visit the web..

Oh yes they definitely are. Those are two multimedia giants - a touchscreen and a non-touch. Now when you pair those two, you've got the best of both worlds. Good luck with your N97! As for me, I guest I'll be sticking with my N82 for quite a while.

Thanks Dude c", Welcome back to the Internetverse!

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