May 28, 2009

Movie Review: The Super Storm

Have you seen a garbage movie lately? Well, I can recommend a few but first thing first, the most annoying movie I've seen in a lifetime, a Chinese movie dubbed as The Super Storm. Chinese loves to fake stuffs and deceive people with their technology to twerp things up and this movie is nothing different in what they do best.

I had a movie bonding lately with my younger sister who is a movie freak like me to supposedly watch Friday The 13th movie which we heard to be currently showing in a movie house and since its been awhile that I haven't watch a movie in a big screen, we booth head up to the theater only to find out that its not showing anymore. Instead, we found this movie called The Super Storm, never heard it before but since it has a good movie poster, see inset image, with all the storm besieging a high rise city, jet planes and choppers hovering around, we decided to watch it instead only to be shocked that it was a Chinese movie with lousy subscript English translation at the bottom.

Well I was kinda skeptical at first and I thought why not gave it a chance since I've seen several good Chinese movie like Crouching Tiger and all Jet Lee movies but as the movie went on, I'm beginning to witness the strangest horror in my whole life... the movie was the most annoying, the most cheesy, the most irritating, the most obnoxious vexatious film I've watched, what the FUCKED!! Its like watching the end of the world!!

Have you seen a movie where the characters cries almost every scene, this is the perfect shit movie to see that, a movie that shows very obvious toy cars, ships and houses being swift away by water rushing from a garden hose, horrible isn't it? How about a dog being blown away by a tornado and yet survived to the point of even having a reunion moment with his owner in a classic beach slow motion scene with the owner and the dog running towards each other, miserable and pathetic. Yes, I am cursing and bad mouthing right now because the people behind this movie outsmart me. They fooled me big time into thinking that it was a good movie based on the poster when in fact it is a super disaster. It makes me looked like an idiot again, thanks to masters of deception, Chinese with all those gadget clones and Tsip Tsau who call the Philippines a country of servants. Are they not annoying enough?

How I wished this kind of acts will be wipe out in the face of earth and never ever let this kind of movies shown for the public to see. It will spread misery and epidemic much worst than H1N1 Flu virus. Please people, I know this movie is currently playing in the country right now, don't be fooled by the poster, the movie sucks big time like Tsip Tsau. You don't want to watch a movie and experience nightmare at the same time.


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