May 26, 2009

Just A Small Suggestion Nokia!!

In the PC world at the moment, there is an option to build your own computer base on the specifications you need, hardware and features that you want and local suppliers will just assemble it right front then gave the consumer the finished product in a matter of hours or days, I was wondering if Nokia can do the same as well in mobile phones.

I know this sounds complicated among small gadgets like mobile phones but anything is possible right? Who would have thought that man could conquer the moon decades ago, nobody to none. With stiffer competition in the mobile phone industry nowadays, this option might gave the company the edge they want to stay firm on the top spot for the next few years. This will also mark another innovative milestone for the company in the industry being a leader itself in the arena of developments for the past few years except the touched revolution of course where iPhone created.

This would surely matter to a lot of consumers. The thought of being able to decide what form factor, hardware and specifications they want on their phone, what features to add based on their needs among others would entail importance and thus massive support from all segments of the market.

A hands on decision on the form factor, the CPU type, screen resolution, touched or non touched interface, camera capability, flash type, 3D acceleration hardware, dedicated sound chips among others would definitely satisfy the power hungry users specially the critiques who keeps on complaining about specs and feature every now and then on newly release phones at the same time the normal street users because it will cancel out unwanted features thus making it practical and cost saving.

It's a fact that their is no perfect mobile phone for everyone at the moment but this method could change that notion as the users can now decide whats perfect for them.

Time to change Nokia, how about that?


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