May 27, 2009

A Perfect Mobile Phone?

Yesterday, I rant about creating an option to create a perfect phone for everyone by giving users the option to choose what features and specs they want for their phone, I might as will define a perfect phone for me at the moment.

Form factor, I want a phone that have a simple design, as much as possible, less buttons up front that when I look at it, it wont distract me with confusion. I like a sliding form factor but it must be simple also, one smooth snap, not like some of the phones I saw where in you need to snap thrice before achieving the perfect position for usage. It must also have a QWERTY keyboard. Okay I mention earlier that I hate buttons up front that's why I wanted the QWERTY to be hidden beneath, aka N97 side slide style.

User Interface, I want a capacitive touch screen device. Capacitive is by mile better that resistive touch in terms of looks and usage. Capacitive is very savvy to used, iPhone style.

Screen, 3.6 inches VGA would be perfect with 16 million color resolution and AMOLED. I don't want a size beyond this because it would be nonpocketable and very uncomfortable to hold specially that I have medium size fingers, it would be very difficult to text using one hand.

Operating System, as of the moment, I prefer Symbian because of its vast number of add on softwares and personalization stuffs like themes, wallpapers, ringtones among others. I have tried Windows Mobile before but and based on my experience, it sucks big time in this areas. iPhone OS is very promising to because softwares where brewing from developers in all fronts but I don't like the idea of buying everything up front, Symbian has a lot of free stuffs in the net for optimization and personalization.

Specs wise, CPU must have a fast clock speed, I hate slow phones and this is why I love N82 because its fast, it must be faster than N82, 600mHz would be great but not beyond than because the battery life of the phone would suffer, RAM of about 250MB, 2GB of Internal Memory, support a 32MB microSD. Must have a 3D Graphics Acceleration for gaming purposes of course, dedicated video processing chip like N96 and dedicated sound chip like N91. Accelerometer, Digital Compass, FM Transmitter, Flash Lite for youTube viewing, 8MP Carl Ziess Camera with variable aperture like N86 8MP, booth Xenon and Led flash on board, HD video capacity of 120 fps, N-Gage compatibility, WIFI, Bluetooth, AGPS, 1,500mAh battery or more can stand up to a week on Standby and 5 hours of Talk Time like E52.

Well, this isn't much since Nokia already have this technology as of the moment, all they need to do is merge all this into one powerful device. My Device.


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