May 20, 2009

PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid

I've been scrolling along the vast richness of Philippine Telecommunication and found a service that has been in existence for sometime now but I just recently discovered, the Philippine Long Distance Telecom (PLDT) Landline Plus Prepaid which makes land line service acquisition easier and faster. Hassle free, no requirements needed, no frills, all you need to have is an unlocked phone that could either be a cellular or land line, Php100 for the SIM card, and register and subscribe to a Monthly Plan of Php300 or Php500 and wallah, its ready to go.

PLDT Landline Plus is a fixed-wireless telephone line, that serves as an alternative basic voice communication for business customers in areas with limited or no available PLDT fixed facilities.

1. Wireless - No more facility dependency, service can be delivered at the soonest possible time.
2. Capable of Inbound/Outbound calls - Enjoy the same features as a PLDT landline (and more!) at the soonest possible time.
3. Text Capable - Enjoy PLDT Landline Plus Texting to any mobile network or to another PLDT Landline Plus Line.
4. Phonebook - Easy phone number storage. No need to memorize numbers, everything is at the tip of your finger!
5. Runs over PLDT's fixed and wireless network - Reliability – better connections higher call completion and network reliability.
6. Wider coverage area - More calls to more people, to more destinations, and vice versa as long as theirs a Smart Telecom tower and signal. Sim card though can only be limited to the province where the Sim was issued.

Plans covered are non consumable with Plan 300 paured with a free local call of up to 150 minutes a month while the Php500 have 500 minutes free. Local calls in excess to the free minutes for plan 500 is Php1 per minute while Php2 per minute for plan 300. National Direct Dial (NDD), International Direct Dial (IDD) is not covered with the Monthly plan and you need to load to any Smart Load retailer with flexible amount as low as Php30 in needed to be able to make one. Local text cost 1 pesos per text while International Text cost at about Php15 and you have to load as well to avail this service.

Its more like a Smart Sim Card now and hopefully we could see the integration of this two service into one in the future.


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