Jun 23, 2009

Dance Fabulous On N-Gage

Kylla! (Finnish word for Yes!) I got a new N-Gage activation code again, this time from the newest, the coolest and the grooviest game in the universe, Dance Fabulous. Just receive it last night via SMS, Kiitos (another Finnish word for Thanks) N-Gage and Nokia for letting me try the game for 30 days. This is part of their promotional campaign that started a month ago giving away 30 day free trial to anyone interested, head over to the Dance Fabulous site to get yours.

I never thought I will be loving the game on first try, probably because its a new gaming experience on mobile phone for me with a combination of a challenging game play, good graphics and cool music that it caught my interest right there and then to the point of being stuck to the game until midnight trying to figure out the best moves and rhythm to earn points. Its also very easy to play, preliminary instructions were clear, buttons involves only the DPad and can be modify not like other games that confuse you with buttons and you only need memorize few and easy tactics and moves to set the play out.

You can also customized your character with options that will let you choose you preferred clothes, shoes, looks among others. I find this even challenging already, my character here has the closest resemblance of me in person, cute, cool and savvy c", kidding. Options will only be limited at first but as you progress in the game, gaining points will let you open more options for further character customization.

The game have 5 pre-recorded songs of Cindy Gomez, a budding artist and performer, that were specifically created for the game, Again and Again, Street Dancing, Are You Out Of Your Mind and Just Can't Stop This Feeling but you have the option to add songs and make you own dancelist based on whats available on your music playlist. Coolness isn't it, a music player with a game.

The main challenge of the game was on how to create a perfect dance steps and rhythm that will earn you points. This points are needed to open new levels and arena in the game. You must be able to create prefect dance steps, combinations and routines that can go with the music or else you wont earn anything. To be very honest, I have a difficult time doing this which ends up not gaining anything even to the point of going negative in most times, hehehe, that's how worse I am, just need to find the perfect pace and mood.

Theirs still a lot of things I need to discover in this game, having played with it for a few hours is not enough to unlocked its full potential and my 30 day trial wont also be enough given a possibility of unlimited songs of choice. I will definitely buy this game, given a chance, that if it will be available for purchase here in the Philippines, but as of the moment it just doesn't seemed possible, maybe in 40 years time, c", another mis-opportunity for Nokia to earn.

Anyways if you happen to have N-Gage service in your area, don't hesitated buying this game, I'm recommending this with conviction, definitely worth playing.


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