Jun 24, 2009

And The Nokia Conversations, Pass The Parcel Goes To?

Me! (Crowd cheered, background music played), went up to the stage and gave my acceptance and thank you speech (blood falling on my nose instead of tears) and cut! show was over. c", That's my ridiculed version of the Oscars and it wasn't even funny, hahaha.

Seriously, I have to thank my lucky stars and Nokia Conversations Team because they will be sending me one of the newest XpressMusic touch phone beaming from Nokia production arsenal, the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic as a price for their innovative promotion called Pass The Parcel c", Sweet!! (South Park's most abuse expression!)

This magma hot device is the younger brother of the very successful 5800 XpressMusic with a major design and screen facelift, new contacts bar, cheaper price but with no 3G and GPS on board. This I think was specifically targeted for emerging markets which is a big step forward for Nokia in the touchscreen arena. The phone will still be release worldwide by Q3 of 2009 which means, I will have an early run of the device, 3 months before its release, Sweet! Expect hundreds of posts here ala N82.

Nokia Conversations created a summer feature called Pass The Parcel where in everyday they unwrapped a layer of a parcel coated with several layers with each layer revealing a certain clue as to what was hidden inside. Readers will then have to guess what was hidden inside the parcel based on this clues. I left a comment and gave my best guess which I predicted was the Nokia Superman, my dream phone that leaked few months ago, or the 5900 XpressMusic that leaked also months ago which was said to be an upgrade to the 5800. Though it wasn't specifically correct based on specs but the image shown on that leak indeed came out as the 5530 XpressMusic. Call that a Nostradamus prediction hahaha. Anyways, if I was partly right about the 5530, then I might be partly correct with the Nokia Superman rather coming out on the Nokia Event in September. Yay! That phone will become the ultimate phone ever that carries the new symbian UI under the Symbian Foundation, a 12MP Carl Zeiss camera with aperture and wide angle goodies, a capacitative touched, multicore processor, HD video recording and the gesture interface, xxo"?!?oxx. c",

Again, Thank You Nokia Converations Team! Bit of advice to my readers, that if I have one hahaha, better hangout to Nokia Conversations site from now on, they might feature another device anytime soon via the Pass The Parcel and will also be giving it away, Nokia Superman?


Isn't phonedog.com the winner???????

Yeah, phonedog.com won one, but you must have missed Nokia Conversations announcement about giving away two phones instead of one.

Anyways, here's a official article of nokconv in case you missed it ;) http://conversations.nokia.com/2009/06/23/the-pass-the-parcel-prized-participant-has-been-picked/

Oh sorry, my mistake.
Well then, congratulations dude (quite a late greeting though haha)!

c", No problem dude, I was still waiting for my unit though. I'll check phonedog.com if he already got his. My place is like on the other side of the world.

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