Jun 16, 2009

Nokia N97 Pre-Order Starts Today!

Just a reminder, Filipino N97 fanatics, Pre-order of our most anticipated phone starts today, business hour, head over to the Nokia.com.ph to cast yours, the earliest possible the better, incentives might be given away for the first few grabbers like a trophy for the most punctual.. c", kidding.

Few more info's, this is a 3 day pre order stint only, Black N97 will be the only available variant for the said event that's why I'm not taking part, FREE door to door delivery by July and of course Linksys Wireless Router will be given away to the lucky 500 participants. Standard Retail Price, Php34,000 with the option to pay via Paypal or Bank Deposit. Nokia had tapped Cgena.com of Rakso Computer Technology, Inc. to run the online event for them, I had featured this site before and they are the leading Nokia online distributor in the Philippines.

I'm waiting for the White version to prop up before speeding to Nokia Flagship Stores. I've learned though that other countries have booth version for sale on the opening day which is unfair Nokia, and they have better selling packages too like free bluetooth headsets among others. They have Ovi Stores, Navigational Maps, Comes With Music, N-Theater, N-Gage and the rest of Nokia exclusive services while we have none. Why do you keep on prioritizing other countries where in fact this places don't care much about the company in general, they should stood ground and gave Philippines utmost importance because their number 1 here... and again, I ended up with rants! c",

Happy N97 day everyone!


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