Jun 17, 2009

Nokia 5800 XpressMusic Lands On Smart Telecom

Finally, after 6 months of existence, the fastest selling music phone in the world can now be snatched FREE in the Philippines biggest mobile network under the Smart Gold Plan 1,800. Perks included in the package, 1 hour mobile internet when you use Yahoo One Search, Pre-installed Games; DJ Mix Tour, Guitar Rock Tour, Asphalt 4, Global Race & Bounce, Pre-installed 50 UMG Musictracks and videos and voucher to download 450 additional musictracks and videos. Quite a lot in here compared to phones bought in mobile shops.

Call this an answer to my demand c", they must have read my rants here clamoring the phones presence in the Smart Gold phonelist to counter iPhone's connivance with Globe, now the touchscreen war is over in this part of the world, the 5800 XpressMusic will surely eat the Apple iPhone alive.
Speaking about demands, they actually upgrade the N85 plan package also, it was likewise one of the rant in my demand article before. They used to offer N85 FREE under the Plan 1,200 which was pitted against the 6220 Classic and we all know that N85 is a mile better than the 6220 Classic in features and specs that's why I made the appeal. Now the phone is being offered FREE to Plan 2,500, a worse case scenario. I'm sure a lot of N85 fans who will be getting this phone via Smart Gold condemns me for this because it will be difficult for them to avail the phone now with such a high price bracket. Sorry guys, didn't expect Smart go to this far, they must have offered it on Plan 1,800 the least.

Back to the 5800 XpressMusic, I believe Smart also went to far in bracketing this phone to Plan 1,800. Its to expensive for a phone with a standard retail price of Php15,000 only. It's not reasonable even if the plan has a lot of perks included with it. The world is in recession and so are most of the Filipinos so they must have at least come up with modest bracket point, Plan 1,200 is more than enough. Reconsider Smart people, I know your listening to consumers demands.

Anyways if paying Php1,800 a month for 2 years doesn't bother you, pick your Nokia 5800 XpressMusic phone FREE at any Smart Wireless Center near you.


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