Jun 2, 2009

Ovi Store Rundown Philippines

May 27, 2009

- Nokia Ovi Store opened worldwide via store.ovi.com
- I went to the Download Icon of my Nokia N82 as instructed by Nokia and refresh it only to find out that there was no Ovi Icon listed. I even tried it a couple of times but still nothing came out.
- Went to the official site via store.ovi.mobi in my phone browser to access it and very glad to know that I can but it came out slow in uploading webpage. I believe that was due to the out pour traffic that came in having a lot of eager watchers like me who were accessing the site that time.
- First impression, it was good, after opening, page displays the Recommended Applications base on my phones capability and location. Webpage was simply designed focusing more on the applications rather than eye sore effects rampaging other webpages. Other options includes Games, Audio and Video, Personalization and My Stuffs (downloaded stuff will be saved here).
- Made my first download, Alphabet Words game. Also downloaded the Star Trek ringtone and wallpaper.
- I've noticed that there were only FREE stuff posted, I was thinking that maybe it was all FREE stuffs on Day 1 since its opening day but then there were only few applications listed.

May 28, 2009

- Went to the download icon again and refresh it but still, no Ovi Store icon came out.
- Access the store again via phone browser and found out AGAIN that its still FREE stuffs listed and with same number like yesterday. Beginning to suspect that something fishy is going on.
- Downloaded some more free stuff like Tibia ME S60 game which I found out to be a garbage, a java game with worse graphics, I wonder why Nokia include this on the list, they must have at least criteria on applications to be included in the store and they must describe the game if its java or .sisx file up front and post some pictures so we could decide right there if we will to download it or not.

May 29, 2009

- Went to the download icon gain and refresh it, still no Ovi Icon came out so I can therefore conclude that it wont be coming out anymore, crap!.
- Went to the store again via mobile browser and found out the same list of applications, so I can now conclude that Philippines is not covered by paid applications making the store a junk, garbage and toilet waste nonetheless. Even Nokia Mosh or the Download Icon offers more applications than this site, what a waste of opportunity for Nokia and they think that Filipinos can't afford to buy applications that's why they didn't include paid app's. Bragging to everyone that the store will have worldwide accessibility from Day 1 to thousands of applications is a big mistake, they should have mentioned that it will only be for chosen few so it wont dieter expectations. Junk!

Anyways a run down of the only available stuffs to download in the Ovi Store here in the Philippines.

Applications - 44
Games - 4
Audio and Video - 10
Personalization - 4

If your in Philippines, don't even care visiting this store for now, its literally not a store yet and theirs nothing valuable here at the moment!


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