Jun 3, 2009

Nokia N97 Gains A Pre-Order Date in the Philippines.

Eager Filipino fans, rejoice c",!! Nokia Philippines just posted a link over at nokia.com.ph revealing the pre-order date of the most anticipated phone of the season, the Nokia N97. With it is a promotional campaign where online buyers gets a chance to win 1 of the 500 Linksys Wire-G Broadband Router, each worth Php2,995 each. Winners will also have their phone and router delivered right to their doorstep, the coolest!
Unfortunately, only the Black Edition will be available for the said pre-order date, a major let down on my part since I want the White one, there was no official price tag posted yet, so the guessing game is still on as to how much this phone really cost and no delivery date mentioned, so it might be delivered within the realms of July or beyond.

Oh well, if you want a Black N97 and you want to be among the very first owners of this device locally, marked your calendar, prepare your hard earned cash (my rough estimate, Php34,900) and log in to Nokia Philippines webpage from June 16 to 18, 2009 to cast one. Its going to be a hell lot of race on this dates, hopefully Nokia Philippines can handle huge number of web traffic not like what happen to Ovi Store few days ago. I believe the number of units are limited since they only gave 3 days pre-order stint in contrast to the month long 5800 pre-order event. Good Luck N97 fans and God Speed.


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