Jun 18, 2009

Sidetrips: Nokia N97 Pre-Order, Smart Mobile Internet Promo

Today is the last day for the Nokia N97 Pre-Order in the Philippines, 500 units of Linksys wireless router will be given away to the lucky participants, so better stretch your lazy hands and head over to nokia.com.ph to cast yours and be among the earliest humanoids to own the hottest and the most anticipated phone of the year.
Just another sidetrip folks, I have just learned that Smart Telecom cast out a Mobile Internet Promo called UNO where Smart Gold Subscribers could enjoy an hour of FREE mobile internet using Yahoo oneSearch engine. Hmm, why is that there not disseminating any information about this, could it be that they don't want anybody availing it? I'm a Gold subscribers and base on the communications thay sent me with the monthly bills, never had a leaflet on it that made mentioned about the promo and it will end by the 30th this month. Wierd?
Promo Mechanics:
a. This promo is open only for new Smart Gold subscribers (excluding infinity, corporate and prepaid subscribers). Accounts which will be migrated to Gold plans will not be included as well.
b. Promo Period is from April 18, 2009 to June 30, 2009.
c. All new Smart Gold subscribers that are activated during the promo period will be eligible for the discount. Giving of discount will be applicable however until September 30, 2009 depending on 1st day of the billing cycle of the subscriber.
d. Subscribers will be able to enjoy free 1 hour of mobile internet browsing (or P20) every 1st day of their billing cycle for three (3) months.
e. Discounting of 1 hour browsing rate will only be applied for data charges during every 1st day of the respective billing cycle.
f. Inability to use of fee 1 hour browsing time on the previous month will not be carried over onthe succeeding months.


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