Jul 28, 2009

Bruno, Aboard The Starship Enterprise

This is not a joke, I did saw Bruno and Star Trek at the same time or should I say same day. c", As the title of the article connotes, Bruno was separated by a comma thus giving it a separate emphasis on the next group of words which refers to Star Trek movie. It was like seeing disaster and triumph unfold with Bruno getting the disaster tag with Star Trek owning the victory chant. I was just lucky enough to watch Bruno first then the Star Trek movie next because if its the other way around, my Sunday would have ended a catastrophe.

Bruno was one of the most worse movie I saw ever, it was a very cheap, low blow class comedy basking on nudity and coition. If you don't want to see a corkscrew with balls bouncing around in the screen, don't watch this film, throwing up is the worst scenario I can imagine when you watch this and I think only people with sick mind will do a movie like this. If only they didn't do catchy promotion for this film like the iPod and baby swap trailer and the butt exposure scandal with Eminem on the MTV movie awards, I would have not gain interest in watching this. No wonder why this film was banned in several countries, plus the fact that it has become one of the worst performing film in holywood box office with a 75 degree nose dive down, its simply and unimaginably groose!
On the other hand, the Star Trek became one of the best movie in my all time shortlist. It was unexpected because I wasn't really a big Star Trek TV fan and I consider this film a competition of Star Wars, and knowing that I tend to hate competitors of my fab stuffs, it was very much far fetch. The story line of the film did all the magic, it was nicely laid down and very clear to follow, then they pinched it up with action thrills and awesome special effects, it became perfect. Maybe the fact that I wasn't expecting to much on the film that's why it struck me big time and if I'm going to gauge it against the Transformer movie, it will came out higher by points. Its just so happen that I have a preconceive notion of what I want to see in the Revenge of the Fallen and that the film meets those expectation so it came down as great but not as shinning as Star Trek.
The film wasn't perfect, the story has loopholes and that distracted my attention a bit, in particular, the scenario where the Remulen attacked the Valcan planet, why didn't they have security force within the planet with 6 Billion inhabitants as they were noted to be a superior race when it comes to knowledge and technology, they should have at least a bunch of security force that would have check the situation first hand rather than waited for the Starships to arrive from another galaxy, it just didn't make sense right there. Another loop hole was when the Remulen attacked Earth. How come it wasn't reprimanded by the remaining force left on earth specially that it has a space station docked in space. With such a huge starship like the Remulen, it would have been detected easily. Then last but not the least, the invasion of the Remulen ship, if it was very important and pivotal, why did they not transport as many soldiers inside the ship since it is very important for them to take over the vessel instead of sending only Sparks and Jim to the Remulen.
Anyways, this holes though did not affect my overall impression of the film, it is by all means, one of my best movie of all time and everyone should watch it.
Just a small snap, a Nokia phone was featured in the film, no word thought about the phones name or if it would be release commercially. The Nokia Futuristic ringtone, the most downloaded app on Ovi Store was also beamed loud and clear across galaxies.


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