Jul 23, 2009

Globe Telecom's Load Tipid Plans

I have a Smart Gold Plan at the moment that's why I envy this Plan from Globe big time which combines postpaid and prepaid service into one. Subscribers of this plan can set their own credit limit and when they reached the said limit, the account automatically switch to prepaid giving subscribers the option to reload whenever they want not like a regular plan where it blocks your number preventing the sim card from sending messages or making calls. It was indeed the most flexible plan to date. Bravo Globe!

I wish this becomes a standard system among telecom operators because this will definitely eliminate excessive use of credit thus giving the users an utmost control over their account. If only Globe has a fare practice in billing accounts, I would have cited them as the best postpaid account provider but unfortunately they dont. I made mention in my post like a year ago about Globes confusing bills and as far as I can remember, a representative of Globe called me up to clarify the bill after reading my blog but it still came out confusing. They billed me with 2thousand the least when in fact before I shifted to Globe, I have a Smart Gold account with the same plan package and I never even have an excess even once out of the two year locked-in period.

Oh well, that was in the past, hope they have change!


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