Jul 22, 2009

Nokia Ovi Store Update!

Time for a very IMPORTANT Nokia Ovi Store update in this part of the world, no SIGNIFICANT changes taking place in the store's application offering if your within the Philippine area of responsibility, you will still be getting FREE and only a handful of applications, mostly trash and non usable at least in my state of technical thinking.

I prefer not to call it a store but an amateur download site because its not selling anything at the moment and because it only have 112 stuffs to download. I cant believe Nokia Ovi Store was this worse and incompetent, my goodness, blistering barnacles! I thinks its about time for Nokia to resurrect the legendary Mosh to bring back interest and support of Nokia fanatics specially here in the Philippines and the rest of the world that is not covered by Ovi Store. Come to think about it Nokia, why do a lot of people young and old supports your products, its because of the unlimited possibility of personalize and application downloads you offer to us and you took that away. I myself consider this as the main reason why I choose Nokia, the unlimited possibility. No wonder why your losing grip among younger market, you just don't know what they want anymore and you fail to adopt to their growing and changing needs.
As of July 13, 2009, the store(amateur download site) only have 83 downloadable items under the Applications menu, mostly social networking and only a few usable application worth mentioning like, Fake Messages, Profile Scheduler by Liquid Air Lab (this was Dr. Jukka's app way back), PinPoints which can pinpoint location of any images, documents on Nokia and Google Maps and Worldmate 2009, everything else are rubbish. Items under the Games menu have only 9, not difficult to count in here and all where Java games sadly and there not even fun to play with. 15 Items on the Audio and Video Menu, of course they also not worth mentioning and finally 4 Items under Personalization Menu. Worth downloading in here, the Star Trek Futuristic Ringtone only, nothing more. So what do Nokia wants for consumers to feel in this travesty, that we should be happy with this incompetence and I believe its not going anywhere better for the next few years or so.
How I wished Nokia did not axed down the Mosh website, at least there, I can download tons of free stuffs of about anything, themes, tones, wallpapers etc. The lack of Nokia support among Asian countries in particular will be a major cause of its downfall in this part of the world and I have to site LG's download store in this regard because they are about to launch there own applications store with Asia as their main focus. I thought that would be nice to look upon and who knows with their perseverance and dedication to focus Asia among its services and support, they might snatched my vote to their favor.


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