Jul 15, 2009

Hot On The Heals, Nokia Rugged Phone and Nokia Surge

Nokia gunned another two new phones to its ever growing portfolio, the Nokia 3720 Classic which was introduce last July 9 and the Nokia Surge last July 12, 2009.

Nokia 3720 Classic is the newest addition to Nokia's highly popular rugged devices, IP-54 certified, the phone is designed to resist water, dust and shock thus calling it the most rugged mobile phone handset to date. The phone also have some decent specs, running with an S40 UI, it has 16Million color resolution, 2.2 inches screen, 20MB internal memory with a microSD card slot, Bluetooth v2.1 with A2DP, 2MP camera with LED flash, Stereo FM with RDS, MP3/eAAC+/WMA and MPEG4 player, Nokia Maps for S40, Voice memo, LED Torch among others. It also has a decent battery life of about 7hours Talk Time and 408hours of Standby Time, that's a whole lot of power right there.

I'm pretty sure theirs a big market for this kind of device, its a fact that majority of people on the streets works with danger in toe and a lot people wants to play hard and rough to everything even in their mobile phones unconsciously, this would spare them a bit the worry. I would have wish that Nokia will bring this kind of technology to high end phones, it would be perfect. The thought of being able to surf the web underwater or taking picture of yourself falling down from a 3 story building would have been fun without doing harm to your phone. c",

Starting today, I will be rating the new phone base on Design and Specs just to have a clear distinction, -50 as the highest and 50 as the lowest.
Design: -35 I like the Yellow one
Specs: -35 The rugged counts a lot here.
Overall: -35

Nokia 6790 Surge in the other hand is an S60 device with almost the same specs to that of the 3730 Classic except that it has a QWERTY sliding form factor, .2 inches bigger screen, without the rugged edge and to be offered exclusively for AT&T is the US. I made mention that I will not be featuring phones on this blog that are not interesting enough but this phone has something worth noting, its rather odd looks which is not a typical Nokia design. I believe, AT&T was the main culprit of this oddity handing down their own design and feature which they thought would hit best among their consumers. Well Americans does have an awful taste, they love iPhones c", kidding! But I myself is a big fan of bizarre things so this phone is thumbs up for me.

Design: -40 I told you I love bizarre things.
Specs: 0 Specs where to nominal.
Overall: -20


Dude! Do you know that All About Symbian is hacked? I know you have an account there since I saw you left a comment on one of their articles.

I already sent an email to GSMArena.com requesting them to post a news article about it for the world to know. Hope they'll read my email and grant my request.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

c", Thanks for the info Dude, I have not visited AAS yet lately. What can this hackers get from AAS anyway?

It seemed that everything is hacked nowadays, from websites to banks, even the Pentagon was reported to have been attacked last week.

This hackers are really getting sophisticated day by day.

Yeah dude.I have just visited AAS today and the site is now back to normal. Hooray to their team. It was just yesterday that it was hacked, I guess. At first, I thought Rafe got crazy when I saw something like this:
"Motherfucker!!! Database is published! I'm gonna fuck this server! ".
Note: I can't remember the lines exactly but I am sure those kind of words were used. =)

At first, I was wondering whatever had happened to Rafe's mentality. And also, it seemed so odd to me because if a site is hacked, I guess it cannot be accessed but the odd thing is that, AAS was accessible during the attack.
So I went to another site instead. After an hour, I went back to AAS and this is the exact line that appeared. This time, I am 100% sure about this line:
"So you wanna play a game? OK Rafe: I have now stolen your ICQ account, nice number thanks. Ok again, if you now remove this text within the next two days, i will hack your server every day! i am not joking. Database is available at Hack-You and other Hacksites. Greets from Kuwait DATABASE IS PUBLISHED!!! HACKED 10 TIMES NOW!!!! ADMINS = > > > GARBAGE Rafe: password: mussy".

Now this line made me realize that the site is currently being hacked.

Anyway, it's also nice that GSMArena didn't easily publish a news article since it will be pointless by then.

P.S. Just wondering?? Even CYBER-Terrorists are from the Middle-East!

That was funny dude c", I mean not all people in the middle east were terrorist, in fact we have terrorist in our own backyards too, the Abu Sayaff and Corrupt Govt Officials.

Anyways, the AAS story was rather absurd, people in this site where peace living individual who loves technology and mobile phones, who would have think they'll be attacked. I'm glad they're okay now c", visited them awhile ago. They should be cautious next time.

Oops sorry. I have overlooked our very own Abu Sayyaf, corrupt officials and those snatchers. Lol!

Anyway, I guess those hackers just wanted to gain popularity and attention.

And a follow-up question dude since we are already talking about hacking(lol), is it true that Apple Computer used to hack a telephone company before and used those funds to start its own business? I actually read that on a certain book and even our teacher said it but I can't seem to find a source on the net. I have hated Apple eversince I knew that, even without scrutinizing but now that I am older, I want to delve deeper even more.

What?!? c", Now that's an interesting topic to investigate. Its the first time I heard about it and you should try to dig informations about it and let us know. Maybe try to search that book or asked your former teacher etc. ;)

Apple products were overrated and overhype ever since and they really don't have a tech edge to brag about, purely hype and there charging consumers expensively for this, very annoying, that's what I hate about Apple products.

Yeah dude I will. My last hope is the internet since the book that I have read the story is already gone from my High School library when I went there last week. Furthermore, my teacher who told me the story a year ago had already went abroad last February at Maryland. Hopefully, I could find a source about that or else, I wouldn't believe that story since I know Apple has great products, only that they are overpriced.

As far as I could remember, the first line (or probably a title) that I have read from that book was "Apple: From Rags to Riches".
Maybe I could do some more research about it when I am home since I am typing this on our school computer laboratory.

Good Luck Dude c", Keep us posted!

Dude, I had a hard time finding a source. But one important thing to note though is that, Steve Wozniak, who founded Apple with Steve Jobs, was an electronics hacker according to Wikipedia. Another one to prove is from this : http://www.neatorama.com/2006/08/28/a-short-history-of-hacking/

Go to the "Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak:
From Phreaking to Freaking Rich" section of the website link that I provided above and read it. Quite convincing but it had changed my belief and attitude towards the two Steve's (Jobs and Wozniak). Although "phreaking" is quite a more pleasant term than the term "hacking", phreaking is still a lot more like hacking although I can't figure out the difference of the two. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phreaking

Well, it changed my thoughts towards them since we cannot really deny that they are genius although they've used it in a wrong way when they first started of. Still, I cannot get rid of the feeling that they are the usual hackers(!) which I happen to dislike.

Sorry dude. Just copy the URL that I have included in my post above and paste it in your browsers URL input. I forgot to place the necessary hypertext reference tag (a href). Got used with GSMArena's automatic parsing technique. =)

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