Jul 8, 2009

Smart's Sandbox, Any Better Alternative?!?

You might have heard of this already as it is being heavily advertise by Smart Telecom lately as their All in One web service portal offered to consumers for an easy access to internet services such as blogging, music, games, social networking among others but will Sandbox going to bring mobile internet closer to Filipino consumers? I doubt it, the website is a big joke if you are to compare it to the existing social networking or download sites in the web at the moment, its not even close to a quarter better.

Have you been to this site, it was like created decades ago with outdated web design and features! They should have at least created a decent site that could compete with the existing web portals so heavy web users like me will be entice to use their service instead but unfortunately it doesn't appeal to me or to anybody who have been verse online.
Their blogging is chaff, how could you waste your time posting on a site that nobody cares to visit, I'm suppose every blogger like me wants my articles to be accessible worldwide. Twitter could let you access to millions of people worldwide and Facebook, Friendster among others have already stood grounds. Will there be an interest for a local social networking site?

Their download portal is waste rather with all those expensive contents listed, I mean can they even be again reasonable, contents there offering can be download for FREE on the web with mobile phone content sites such as Nokia Ovi Store, Mobile9, Zednet among others. And the games are all in Java format, what is Java now a days, its as good as nothing honestly. This web portal is doomed to fail like the rest of Smarts and Globes.

Here's what Smart should do, instead of going against the current fab, why not give consumers a full access to whatever they want in the web by offering an unlimited 3G internet service. Through this, users can choose portals of their choice, could that be social networking sites or download sites. They can even expand their network services by bringing pushed emails among others. Regarding the downloads, the best way is to coordinate with Phone manufacturers to bring their respective download content store via network postpaid billing or prepaid. This content stores contains the best high standard downloadable content suited for each phones. To mention some, Nokia Ovi Store, Nokia Music Store and N-Gage. Wouldn't it be nice if Smart starts to care and give the best possible services and contents to their consumers?


wow. yun pala ang sandbox.hehe.
ngayon ko lang na intindihan.

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