Jul 7, 2009

Transformer 2, Revenge Of The Fallen: Soaring High

Side trip to my official and work related back drop to Asia's Latin City, about time, haven't visited the place for two months, I watched one of my most anticipated US summer movie, Transformer 2, Revenge of the Fallen and have the best and exhilarating action packed movie experience so far ever.

As far as I can remember, the last remarkable action movie that I enjoyed watching was Batman last year and since then, all action movie that came after that were crapness to mention, hmmm? Terminator for one which failed to impress me big time that's why I didn't care to write about it here. I was so disappointed that I just want to forget about it and relieve my fab memories on the old Terminator movies.

Anyways, back to Transformer 2, I really enjoyed this film to the 5th level, its like a movie specifically created for me, fits all the things I want in to see.. action, death defying stunts, visual effects, comedy, thrill, adrenaline rush and sexy women.. its all here and was crafted into a timeless action movie masterpiece, Kudos to Michael Bay and the rest of the crew, the movie was worth watching and I have to strongly disagree with the reviews being thrown against this film, this is a fun movie and deserves praise, to the critiques, take a breather and have a life! The special effect were nicely crafted that you wont be able to see glitch anywhere, action scenes were hardcore that you feel the banging sounds of hard steel deep within your throb and of course tickling punchlines.

To be very honest, I didn't really enjoyed the first Transformer movie, the storyline was very confusing that it was like watching a puzzle where I need to connect the dot to be able appreciate everything, but this movie was way different, it uses simple approach to the Transformer storyline, 100x better, laid out in a easy way for anybody to understand. The introduction of new powerful villains and characters with unimaginable capabilities adds up to the excitement.
Anyways, if you haven't watch this movie yet during the weekends, rigged your weekday schedule and march to the movie to see it. You wont be disappointed. YOU MUST!!


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