Aug 26, 2009

Head Another Start!

Nothing to worry my dear friends, your still reading the same blog, only that I change the title to connote a new blog perspective dropping "Love" out because I just happen to realized how corny it was c", and that after the irony of it all (blog created out to broken love), it doesn't seemed to fit my ideals anymore on what I want to happen in this page and how I imagine it to become in the future.

Now it becomes a Scratch e-Pad! where "e" either stands as "Electronic" relating to the latest in technology, "Entertainment", which covers Fun, Movies, Music and TV, "Excerpts" for anything under the sun topics with no holds bared, "Experience" as I touch a bit of my daily struggles, "Exploration" for my Travel and featured Places, and a whole lot more.

If artists have sketch pads as a tool, writers have scratch pads where they scribble bits of details that comes to minds, its just that mine is via electronic means and I don't consider myself as a writer but a wannabee, so my work is nothing more than a scratch, poor thing! Its also because my blog is full of grammatical errors and stuffs so to professional writers, this blog is as good as Scratch, there you go! c", I don't think I need to explain Pad in the title, so head start people, we are already "full(fool)" of LOVE, so welcome to my Scratch e-Pad, where all your dreams come true?


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