Aug 27, 2009

Mobile and Technology Thursday: Nokia On Fire!

Huge things were happening lately in Nokia's camp, one week before its most anticipated event of the year, the Nokia World 2009, as it fired up several explosive and mind blowing surprises and attacks that created chaos in the mobilephoneverse for about 3 days now.

It started with the announcement of the Nokia 5800 Navigation Edition offering a Lifetime pedestrian and vehicle voice-guided navigation licenses to consumers for a hugely fair deal. It is purely the same phone as the 5800 XpressMusic specs wise except that it added lifetime Drive and Walk navigation license, a cool looking stand and car charger that allow you to easily use the phone as an in-car SatNav unit, and a nice looking Chrome and Black color combo. This became a huge news among navigation savvy consumers particularly among Europeans and Americans who have quite a lot of detailed maps under the Navteq/Ovi map service but I don't think this matters though to the rest of the world specially here in the Philippines since we don't have those services.

Then came the announcement of the Nokia 3G Booklet that created a massive buzz in the web with every tech site reporting about it even on sites that were not PC/Laptop oriented. It even bugged down the Nokia Conversations site were the story originated due to a massive increase in traffic and as of the moment, the Booklets video have already hit 420Thousand views on youTube in just two days. I could already see a bright future ahead for this device, Impressive!

Another wave came out a day after when Nokia officially announced the Nokia 5230 XpressMusic, another rip-off of the hugely successful 5800 XpressMusic, only this time with a beautiful color combo, a 5530-like homescreen and an incredible price tag of 150Euro with a lower camera MP trade of and without a WIFI. This have again created a huge impact specially among emerging markets like the Philippines since it just opened a huge arm of possibility for the majority of its populace to finally own and enjoy a spec-riched touchscreen device. Nokia deserves a Big round of applause for this.

Then finally today, the N97 Mini and the N900 Rover's official marketing snapshots where both came out to be a huge head tuners. Among the two, the N97 Mini came as a big surprise, I never thought it look very gorgeous in bronze which made me think of buying one as soon as it becomes available. Rumor has it that the device will have a big boast in RAM from 50MB in N97 to 250MB for N97 mini, an ARM Cortex processor and best of all 150 Euro cheaper than its predecessor. Very much enough to postpone my N86 8MP purchase if the rumors were confirmed. While the other hand, the N900 Rover nestles an impressive new Meamo UI according to an early preview that came out a week ago, carrying a powerful ARM Cortex processor, Wide screen, huge phone memory among others, but it will surely be expensive so I wont rather aspire of owning one anytime soon, maybe in the future. For now my vote goes to the N97 Mini.

I know there were more surprises yet to be announce and I believe Nokia save the best and the most astounding in next weeks event. 12MP Nokia Superman? c",


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