Aug 24, 2009

Movie Monday: A Day With The G.I. Joe

My friends and I spent a day with the G.I. Joe's last week when it opened in the Local Theaters here. It was also a national holiday that day celebrating the death anniversary of our well loved hero, Benigno Aquino that we find time to get together and did what we all love to do ever since, watched movies!

Anyways, the theater was in a full house when we got there, who would want to missed a movie with a visual effect rich action packed trailer shown on TV, it got everyone interested including our packed.

I have high expectation of this movie base on trailers alone but it was a bit foiled when I learned about its low rating from movie critics and even from the viewing public, nonetheless I was still skeptical that I will enjoy the film... and... I did! Hah, that's how shallow I am when it comes to movies, I tend to love every movie that comes with death defying action stunts, awesome visual effects, guns clanging from beginning to end, sexy bad chick and flat humor. c", If I would become a movie critique, Ramboo will become one of my highest rated movie.

The film didn't fail to impress, from the early minutes alone, it has already shown mind blowing gun fights and explosions , awesome flying craft ala XMen among others and good first impressions matters a lot. Though I find the visual effects to cartoonish most of the time, it was outweigh by the action packed trail. Lucky enough that they have martial art stunts incorporated or else everything would have been blunt. The backtracks where rather dragging than helpful and the story was to vogue and divided, how I wish they would have focus more on one story and the importance of the thickening plot in a worldwide scale, other than this everything fits well. The rest of the details will be revealed in the film if you watch it and I encourage everyone to do so, its worth a snag. Looking forward to the next installment of this film as it left a hanging dark scenario.

My popcorn Rating, 2.


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