Sep 5, 2009

Excerpts Saturday! Why Do People Get Older?

Its not that I'm asking a very irrelevant question, its just that an old women, at about her 70's, asked me about it while I was riding a bus, that it took me a few minutes to answer her in return.

I have to say that it was a bit shocking because as easy as it was, I have to answer the question sensibly to confer with her emotional state. I told her that people gets older because they choose to lived and in return, gave me a grim smile, a realization maybe of how shallow I am to her or maybe for any other reasons, but somehow it bothered me a bit which lead to the creation of this blog post.

Being in a medical profession, I should have told her that it was due to our body composition and that our body progress and retard due to chemical interaction within our natural state of reciprocity against the world around us but I didn't, and I couldn't. What I told her is a choice to lived as if its our sole choice, canceling human natures biologic interrelation. But how, what and in which way will I simplify the answer to adapt to her thoughts, a 70+ year old, wise woman?

I was thinking rather that she despise her current condition, white pearly hairs. weak body, grunt skin, that she questions the very essence of life's cycle and that she wish to have been younger yet wiser. I also wish I could comfort her with such remorse but there is really nothing she can do with it no matter how many question she will asked or how witty she might be. She will retard and rest in God's time and that she should just be happy about it.

Maybe she wants to tell me something rather, that I should cherish my life while I'm still young, that I should live my life to the fullest, do things that my heart desire, conjure to the best that life can offer before its to late, a bit to late for her...

...If you were asked with the same question, what will be your answer?


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