Sep 4, 2009

Freaky Friday! Events, Promos and Perks: Metrobank's Wanted New Card Holders

Yet another promotion from the country's biggest bank which targets non card holders to avail a hyper salute Metrobank Credit Cards. Duh! As if its easy getting one, you will surely be asked for tons and tons of requirements and definitely be scrutinized with income status among others, but if you have no problem with this matter, there giving away 10,000 Reward points to approved applicants. This is actually a good offer since it took me a year or so to achieve this points but then the reward you will get from it?...never mind! c",

Promo Mechanics

1. Promotion period is from July 15 to October 15, 2009.
2. This promotion is open to newly approve and qualified prinicipal cardholders who have applied and submitted complete application requirements within the promo period and gets approved for any of the following Metrobank Card products;
- Metrobank Classic and Gold Visa
- Metrobank Classic and Gold MasterCard
- Metrobank Femme Visa
- Metrobank Platinum MasterCard
- Metrobank World MasterCard
- Metrobark Business Card
- Value MasterCard
- PSBank MasterCard
- Go! MasterCard
3. Qualified cardholders will earn 10,000 rewards points (except for Go! MasterCard
cardholders who will earn 500 Rewards Points) upon reaching he minimum required retail spend of Php5,000. Principal amount of installment transactions are included. Balance transfers, Cash2Go, Bllls2Pay, Cash Advances, Finance Charges, Annual Fees and other fees are not considered as valid spend. Accumulation of P5,000 valid spend shall be from July 5 to December 15, 2009.
4. An account is automatically disqualified of earning the reward points if the account is deemed invalid or delinquent at the point of crediting.
5. Qualified Cardholders reaching the minimum spend will see their 10,000 (500 for Go! MasterCard) rewards points credited in their statements of account two months at most after reacting the P5,000 spend requirement.
6. The following products are not included in the promotion:
- Supplementary card applicants
- Replacement cards
- Corporate MasterCard accounts
- Metrobank Dollar MasterCard
- M Free MasterCard
- M Lite MasterCard
- Employees of Metrobank Card Corporation and Metrobank Group, and their accounts
tagged under DCBRI
7. In the event that the Principal cardholder uses and cancels his card within 12 months from the card open date, Metrobank Card will have the prerogative to charge the equivalent amount to the bonus points credited to his account related to this promotion.
8. The rewards points accumulated from this promotion can be exchanged for rewards items available in Metrobank Card’s Rewads Catalogs and other applicable redemption programs. Terms and Conditions governing Metrobank Card's rewards programs shall apply.
9. In case a cardholder is proven by MCC to have made an invalid or fraudulent transaction, MCC shall have the right to charge the entire retail price of the items received under this Promo to the cardholders Metrobank Credit Card.
10. These terms and conditions are subject to any relevant law, government direction and regulation. For administrative complaints related to this Program, the venue of the administrative action shall be in accordance with the Department of Trade and Industry's rules on the venue of action. Venue of any civil action arising under this agreement shall be in the proper courts of Makati City, Philippines. All other available venues suit being waived.
11. All other revisions in the General Terms and Conditions governing the issuance and use of the credit card which are consistent herewith are incorporated herein by reference.
12. All credit card a applications shall be submitted to MCC's final credit card approval and credit card terms and conditions.


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