Sep 13, 2009

Sunday? Customized! Nokia N82: Fl!pFont on Ovi Store

I found an exciting software in Ovi Store, Nokia N82 compatible, the Fl!pFont that is capable of changing the font of the phone to a font of your choice with just a single click, somewhat like changing themes or ringtones only making it more appealing and fun to use.

This is a big step forward for users since changing fonts before takes a lot of technical expertise to the point of hacking the phone itself which I have no knowledge about and I have to admit, this became an envy for quite sometime not until now.

Fl!pFont is free of charge and comes with 3 trial fonts and will last for 3 days. You can download as many fonts as you want of course which will be sold online. I would have wish it was more than that as 3 days flies fast and specially that we have no means to buy applications here in the Philippines via Ovi Store, pretty lame actually.

I know there were still tons of application on Ovi Store that I haven't tried and as of today, location based, I have 118 Free Applications for my Nokia N82, 13 Free Games, 10 Free Audio and Video downloadables and 15 Free Personalization for customization, not quite enough and I'm very much hoping that paid apps will finally make way here in the Philippines so I could enjoy more applications. I guess it will take 48 years for Nokia to do this. c",

Anyways, people, have fun with Fl!pFont!


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