Sep 9, 2009

Travel and Places Wednesday: Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park conjured, thrived, stood up and succeed in becoming the most prominent landmark in the country's Capital and the sole and pride of the country's rich marine life. Its been a year now since I've visited the only Oceanarium in the country, digging on the last post, it's been almost a year since I promised to feature images taken inside and this post is a realization to that.

I have been so impressed with the park ever since and I could still remember the experience, one of the best, most unique and memorable, it was informative rather than deliberate, one of my definitions for fun. It introduce me to a lot of marine species that I never heard or saw before, species with one of a kind form and features, kinds of fish that I only saw on books or TV among others. A simple realization of diversity in the world we commonly saw being blue and blunt.

Here are some of the images I took using my old phone Nokia 6120 Classic, it wasn't that clear but more than just enough to be appreciated. My only mistake was not able to record the names of the species I took, to late for me to realize its importance.


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