Sep 2, 2009

Travel and Places Wednesday: Stuggart, Germany

Yes, were going to Stuggart Germany today.. definitely not physically because I'm in the Philippines but mentally and spiritually as the mobilephone enthusiasts all over the world converge in to one of the most talk about event of the year, the Nokia World 2009, held at Stuggart, Germany. I'm a BIG Nokia fan so this event is like one of my most anticipated and whom I consider the biggest event of the year as it unveils, discuss and uphold future devices, services and plans that will shape Nokia's future. How I wish I could come to one of this events in the future and meet fellow Nokians who shares the same idealism as mine and just have fun!

Okay, since this is a Travel and Places Day, lets know more about Stuggart and how it became an important place for technology and innovation. According to Wikipedia, Stuggart is the capital state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg in Southern Germany and the sixth largest-city in the country. It has been regarded as the "Cradle of the Automobile" and now bears the tag as the "The creative power of the Germany" and "Where Business meets the future". A very remarkable tag that Nokia needs as it shouts to the world that the "future of mobilephone business meet here" at the "the epitome of creative power" where one of the most important tool at the moment was created. Perhaps a very important tool in the future will be introduce here by Nokia.

The city is vehemently rich in culture and history, famous landmarks includes The Stiftskirche (the Collegiate Church), dates back to the 12th century, but was changed to the Late Gothic style in the 15th century and is a Protestant church since 1534. (Exterior: Romanesque/Gothic; interior: Romanesque/Gothic/Modern. Reconstructed with simplified interior after WWII.) Altes Schloss (the Old Castle), mostly dating from the late 15th century, some parts date back to 1320. Alte Kanzlei (the Old Chancellery) on Schillerplatz square which backs onto the 1598 Mercury Pillar. Neues Schloss (the New Castle), completed in 1807. Baroque/Classicism) reconstructed with modern interior, currently houses government offices. The cellars with a collection of stone fragments from the Roman times are open to visitors among others.

The region also currently has Germany's highest density of scientific, academic and research organizations. No other region in Germany registers so many patents and designs as Stuttgart. Almost 45% of Baden-W├╝rttemberg scientists involved in R&D are based directly in the Swabian capital. More than 11% of all German R&D costs are invested in the Stuttgart Region (approximately 4.3 billion euros per year). In addition to several universities and colleges like the University of Stuttgart, University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart Institute of Management and Technology and several Stuttgart Universities of Applied Sciences), the area is home to six Fraunhofer institutes, four institutes of collaborative industrial research at local universities, two Max-Planck institutes and a major establishment of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR).

It is indeed a remarkable place to be with for technology lovers, the old and grotesque history of the city will unwind the advance minds of the tech savvy participants while its technology and current set up satisfies belonging. Wither Nokia will leave up to the notion and what is expected of them as the market leader, that needs to be seen as the Nokia World 2009 rolls right front. Good Luck and have Fun people! c",

(Images courtesy of Wikipedia)


Very informative post. Dusseldorf is the hub of the German fashion industry. Dusseldorf is a very clean city and known for its urban culture. You can find bold architecture, bars, hotels and hi-tech offices in Medienhafen. Dont fail to visit fascinating K20 museum.If you are visiting germany during late october, enjoy the Hamburg Film Festival.Hamburg opera is must watch.

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