Apr 9, 2010

Freaky Friday! PAL's Grand Raffle Promo

In line with our upcoming anniversary we are launching a raffle promo open to each PAL domestic/international electronic ticket purchased in the Philippines or through the PAL website.

This promo is valid within the period 16March 2010-31December 2010. Prizes at stake are Free-of-Charge (FOC) ticket of the same routing and class of service of the flown segment as that of the winning e-ticket number.

General Mechanics

1. Each PAL domestic/international electronic ticket (E-ticket) purchased in the Philippines or through the PAL Internet Booking Engine within the period 16 March 2010 and 31 December 2010 on PAL operated sectors and flown within the same period shall automatically entitle the passenger to one (1) raffle entry per flown sector.
2. Other Airline (OAL) tickets on PR operated codeshare flights or PR tickets on codeshare flights are not eligible for the raffle.
3. When an E-ticket is issued and flown within the qualifying period, the E-ticket number shall be included in the raffle draw. The cut-off date for each monthly draw shall be as specified by PAL.
4. The winning e-ticket number shall be drawn electronically and the passenger named in the e-ticket shall be declared the winner.
5. Once an e-ticket number is drawn and wins a prize it will automatically be excluded in succeeding draws.
6. A passenger, however, shall have as many chances of winning as the number of e-tickets purchased and flown within the qualifying period and may win as many prizes as there are winning e-tickets drawn in his/her favor.
7. A passenger can only claim the prize upon surrender of the Boarding Pass of the winning ticket. NO BOARDING PASS, NO PRIZE.

Raffle Draw

1, 000 winners - May 31, 2010
1, 000 winners - June 30, 2010
1, 000 winners - July 30, 2010
1, 000 winners - August 31, 2010
2, 000 winners - September 30, 2010
2,000 winners - October 29, 2010
2,500 winners - November 30, 2010
2,500 winners - December 22, 2010
3,000 winners - February 15, 2011

Winners in each drawing date shall be announced through the newspapers and shall be posted at the PAL website www.philippineairlines.com. (PAL shall not send notification via text messages and any text messages proclaiming any winner shall not be honored by PAL.)

For more info CLICK HERE!


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