Apr 8, 2010

Fun Thursday! Waz Up, Small Tube!

Lot of stuffs have been going in Television this days and I wasn’t able to feature them up lately because I lost track on most of them. Hah!

First Up, American Idol! I used to be a big fan of this program before but everything change in a complete U turn, I lost interest in watching it mainly because Americans suck in choosing their Idol since for the past few years, they fail to recognized true talent but rather go with artists (things) that can bored them to death (iPhone?), it have been airing for almost a month now but it didn’t gain traction at all and was blunted with demise! Paula left the show, Simon is leaving then finally the latest buzz, it will now close permanently with this season as their last, Yey! At last! I hope Crystal Bowersox wins but I know it won’t happen knowing how Americans hate true talent! American Idol airs on QTV 11 and Star World every Wednesday and Thursday evening.

The Amazing Race 9 is on its Top 6 now, I’m still religiously following it though not mentioned much on the blog. The difference between American Idol and Amazing Race, adrenalin and never ending rush of excitement, that’s why I will still be following it for the next few years. I hope I could be part of this competition in the future, who wouldn’t want to see the world in a stroke? My beat at the moment were the Cowboys team Cord and Jet who were fast but easily lose track, Police Officers Louie and Michael who have endured to topple everyone up amidst their old age and dating couple Brent and Caite who by the way hated by the lesbian team who were very insecure of Caite. I wonder why there was no Chick team this year, I would have easily pick them as my beat. ;) The race was currently in Malaysia at the moment with racers basking in a tropical white beach. Amazing Race airs live via satellite every Monday at 7AM with a primetime telecast same day at 8PM on Star World and every Tuesday 8PM on Studio 23.

Last but not the least, a primetime soap that I’m hooked at the moment, Queen Seon Deok, a Korean Soap Opera that narrates the thrilling and exciting story of the first Queen of Silla, one of Korea’s early kingdoms. If you’re looking for a show that defies the norm, keeps you up beaten with thrill every night and will teach you how to rule the world then this is the show you are looking for. It just combined politics, history, war strategy, unique story, good cinematography and special effects on a television program thus defying the common boring visage of soap operas. I never thought I would love this show, maybe because it tackles history, politics and desire to rule the world amidst the almost too impossible scenario. Yes, I wanted to rule the world, want to earn the title as the most powerful man and be hailed by all humanity, marked that for it will come true. c”,

Every character in the story seemed to have an interesting refute specially the main antagonists, she is one of a kind, brilliant, cunning, ambitious and defies every boundaries set for a woman yet fragile as a child, a daunting combination. The main protagonist is also as cunning, intelligent and strong willed yet careless, vicious and dreamy, another daunting opposition. Who wouldn’t want to witness their clash of brilliance?

At the moment, the story is on a pivotal shift, everyone who are following it could attest how unstoppable the thrill was every night, it seemed like the soap will leave you on the edge from start to end gaining momentum day by day, exciting as it became, I’m looking forward for it every night and became the most awaited and most talked about among the people in the house. Queen Seon Deok, Tagalized version airs on GMA 7 late night.


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