Apr 30, 2010

Go Green Shopping List For Make My App Contest

This is my entries for the Make My App contest launched by Nokia in line with the Nokia N8. The Make My App competition is an exciting opportunity for everyone to compete for a chance to have your ideas turned into real apps. Categories created make it easy to inspire even the most simple idea, that could be turned into an exciting, useful and fun new app.


-Submit your ideas into a relevant category, using our easy step-by-step instructions.
-Submitted ideas will then be voted on by the public, your friends and family.
-Each week the 10 ideas with the most votes will be shortlisted.
-Our guest judges will then choose 3 winning ideas from each category.
-These final 12 winners will win a trip to the Nokia World event in September in London, where their ideas are turned into real apps by professional developers.
-When the Nokia N8 hits the stores the winners will receive a brand new Nokia N8 with their app installed.
-The winning apps will also be made available in Ovi Store for everyone to download and enjoy.
-The closing date for submissions is on June 27th.

Look through the different categories to get inspired to come up with a new or innovative idea you would like to see made into a real app. All you need to do is come up with the idea – Nokia will develop the winning apps.

My app idea was on the Think Green Category. The application simply provides a list of all the products that supports the Go Green initiative to save Mother Earth.

The list could be categorize as to Mobilephones, Cars, Refrigerator, Aircondition, Books, Clothes, Shoes, Bags, Computers, etc, or even Movies and Music that tackles the subject on how to save the earth. All products listed should be recycle friendly or was created from recycled materials.

The app will provide a link via Ovi Maps to the nearest store to buy them or an online link for electronic purchases.

This would definitely encourage manufacturers to support Environment Friendly Initiatives thus making a huge difference for everyone.

If you like the app, PLEASE VOTE FOR IT!

Click this link HERE
Scroll down and look for the "Go Green Shopping List" app then click VOTE! c",


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