Apr 29, 2010

Nokia N8's Astounding Feat!

The drums have rolled and the beat strummed up for Nokia's latest camera flagship device, the Nokia N8 that took the blogosphere world upside down and storming every site like no other.

I myself freak out when I learned that this phone was real having been wishing for it for the past few months, I have been holding on to my Nokia N82 long enough that I want to replace it with a worthy device, finally it came to fruition, the N8 just outshines the N82 in almost all angles.

The camera first and foremost, N8 has a 12MP camera with a 28mm wide angle lens spitting out the best images yet known to mobile phones and even exceeding the quality of professional camera's, how fascinating is that? N8 can record an HD, 720p video recording quality with 25fps with a cinematic surround sound, freaky but it was said to level the quality of a professional video device. Seems that I have now the power to shoot personal videos and make movies of my own, I can hardly do this with my N82, its even sub par for a youtube quality. Watch sample videos Here! Dolby Digital Plus Surround Sound and HDMI connection to a home entertainment system seemed to far fetch for a mobile phone before but Nokia make it happen! N8 is now the first phone to carry an HDMI connection, sweet!

Nokia welcomes the Xenon back to their loving hand with N8, thanks to the never ending clamor of photo enthusiasts, they have reconsider there stand of ditching Xenon. There is no other flash that can beat Xenon yet, not in the million miles with LED or any other flash.

N8 will be the very first phone to carry a Symbian^3 Operating System, the very first Symbian system to carry Multitouched technology. It will go head to head with other platforms like Apple and Android but perhaps the best of it all, that Symbian 3 have harness idea from those platforms and top them up, plus the fact that Nokia made intricate feature truly their own like Multitasking, personal touches and fully customizable home screens, it can never go wrong overall.

Integrating all media feature is also one of its main stand point that is why access to Ovi Store’s apps, games and other cool content were focus on the N8, Web TV that could deliver local and global TV favorites, better and more interactive music player, seamless and full integrated social network experience like live updates from Facebook, Twitter, and RenRen pushed right to your home screen, with feeds visible at a single glance where all incorporated making it an uber cool all in one device.

There is even a free navigation that provides worldwide satellite car and walk navigation from Ovi Maps in over 70 countries, built in premium guides from Lonely Planet and Via Michelin for tips on travel, restaurants, weather, and hotels among others, their is no freaky way that others could surpass feature, not in a year or two.

This is the ultimate device at the moment and I'm about to get crazy just thinking about it! Crazy!


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