May 20, 2010

Nokia Made It To Readers Digest Asia's Trusted Brand List

Reader’s Digest Asia’s Trusted Brands is a well-established survey that reveals the brands that appeal most to a representative cross section of Asia’s consumers. It is the only survey of its kind in Asia that is trusted among the consumer market and boasts as a valuable annual reference for consumers on brand performance. Brands who have been consistently promoted over the years that have maintained their status as a “Trusted Brand” in this annual survey achieve Gold and Platinum awards by ratings given by the magazine’s readers.

Reader's Digest Gold Trusted Brand award goes to brands that score well above their competitors, while the Platinum Trusted Brand award is given for truly outstanding achievement and goes to competitors that have scored at least double that of their nearest rival. Reader's Digest assigned its awards based on responses, questionnaires and telephone interviews from across Asia. Consumers were asked to nominate their most Trusted Brand in 43 product categories. They were then asked to assign a score for each brand for the six core qualities: trustworthiness, credibility of image, quality, value, understanding of customer needs, and innovation.

For several continuing years (9 to be exact), Nokia Philippines has been consistently on Reader's Digest Trusted Brands roster of Platinum winners. Nokia's position as global leader in the mobile handset market is, much like Reader's Digest, trusted for its ability to keep the world connected by way of constant product development and research. Today, majority still use and identify with Nokia as being an inseparable part of their lives.

"It is a great honor for Nokia to remain in their trusted position and we want to be a partner for life,” said Nikka Abes, Corporate Communications Manager, Nokia Philippines. “True consumer loyalty is based on building a relationship where people are so attached to a product and its brand that they see it as part of their identity. And our goal is to continue to be the most loved mobile phone brand in the country.”

In its early days, Nokia’s goal was to put a phone in everyone’s hand. Today, their dream is to put the Internet into everyone’s hands. Nokia looks to the frontier in delivering new services to people, and delivering existing services in new ways. The Internet is the gateway to the future – of information, entertainment, music and bringing people together socially. It is exploding with potential.


I agree I been using Nokia since then I do not encountered problems with it.
Thanks for the info. anayways.

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