May 18, 2010

Nokia N8, An Epic Tale?

I don’t know with you but it seems that the Nokia N8 is shaping up to become the most awaited phone in the mobilephone world in an epic proportion like no other. Epic because the story behind it has a lot of surprises and twists and it all started with a preview of the phone by Eldar of Mobile Reviews, a Russian super spy that seemed to enjoy early access to new phones that crops out. Never really knew this guy much, the first time I heard about him was when he throb in the very first review of the Nokia N900, other than that, he wasn’t very much a prominent personality in the mobilephone world or at least as far as I know.

The review came out a day after the official announcement which picked up a lot of attention by being negative. He summed it up as a phone that didn’t live up to its expectation,well, he might have not notice it but it’s like he performed an abortion, he just killed the phone before its birth but then came the day of its official announcement, the day were the phone resurrect itself from the grave by beaming an impressive specs sheet and a superior still image and video capture far from the others. It sent a shock wave all over the mobilephoneverse sending static electricity that bolted the phone to the top. Who wouldn’t be excited with the very first Symbian^3 phone with AMOLED multi-touch capability, aluminum case, 12MP Carl Zeiss, Xenon, HD video, HDMI connector, Dolby Surround sound, affordable price among others. It’s like a dream come true mobilephone for photo enthusiasts and not so rich geeks.

But its grandeur was bisect by issues again, among the list was its processor being only an ARM 11, an old processor technology, and the 1200mHz capacity non replaceable battery being too minute for a touchscreen phone. The issues were fired with answers with ARM 11 being a very stable and capable processor and with the a Li-Po battery being used instead of the usual Li-Ion. Nokia claims this type of battery is a capable one that powers the phone more. The AMOLED is also being counted on the board being a powerless technology. Nokia also answered the preview article of Eldar saying that he is not entitled to preview a phone that has a pre production operating system, far fetch from the final version.

Then came the news days after that phone has a USB connector, the very first in mobilephone technology, I have been wishing for this to be incorporated being a huge help for memory hungry users like me, now it has been granted.

Then another surprise came out just days ago, this time showing the phones 3D capability. Nokia just shared a video of the phones pre install games, impressive graphic rich games that is enough to tickle the salivary gland of game freaks. It’s the next generation of gaming technology for mobile phones, who would never go crazy for it.

With the following developments and trend going around, I wouldn’t be surprised if more hidden weapons will be drop piece by piece by Nokia. If there is one thing that can describe the tactics used by Nokia for promoting the Nokia N8, I say they were going for the Kill for this phone. It even came to my suspicion that Eldar’s preview was part of Nokia’s promotion. They want to lessen people’s expectation of the N8 at first so that when they announce it, everyone will be shocked how great it was. Well it was going the way they want, Nokia N8 is getting all the attention of the mobilephone world at the moment and is expected to surpass expectation market wise.


Thanks for the info.
I wish I can have that.
Really can't wait for it.

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