Jun 22, 2010

Exclusive! Paranormal Event… Squash, Squashed!

This is weird and freaky, a squash fruit (pepo) from my mom’s small garden has this to offer, a seemingly unusual occurrence were two growing pepo seemed to collide with each other forming a conjoint form. The big one, seemed to have engulfed the smaller one making it a part the other Pepo which is unseparatable. They wouldn’t be called twin fruit because they didn’t grow up together, as you can see in the image, the other one was smaller, eaten out by the bigger one.

If your familiar with how squash grow, they are a mono bearer, meaning a single flower can only bear a single fruit and therefore cannot bear a twin fruit and they also are area conscious when it comes to bearing, they always take space.

So how can this happened then? Can we call this cannibalism in the plant world?


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