Jun 19, 2010

Nokia Jokes, Are You Kidding Me?

I was so bored with the conference I attended last July 17, 2010 that I decided to write corny jokes about Nokia phones that I saw during that time.

They are not funny at all, I tell you, just a result of a bored imagination! c",

Question: How will a hippie answer if ask why he cant get inside his apartment
Answer: No key yeah! (Nokia)

Scolding a waiter:
Person 1: This isn't tea, you stupid wit!
Person 2: In ain't tea too! (N82)

Passenger of a cruise ship going to Helsinki..
OMG! I cant stand the sea! I'm Sea Sicks! (C6)

Tourist interested in Taiwan..
Tourist 1: How hard is it to go to Taiwan?
Tourist 2: Easy! been Tai once (E71)

An old woman exclaimed when she saw young chickens crawling around..
..eks, chicks! (X6)

A wanabee fisherman asks gregg003..
Wanabbee fisherman: In what time of the day do fish comes out the most?
Gregg003: In nighty sea, been many! (N97 Mini, with wrong grammar of course! hehe)

Last but not the least! Teletubbies dance during one of the breaks. ;D


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