Jun 10, 2010

Finally, Noynoy was Proclaimed!

It's official, my candidate for President was proclaimed gaining him the title President-elect Benigno Simeon Aquino, the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines. It was historic since he became the first President whose campaign was fueled by volunteers and people who believes that he can bring change that the country badly needs, people who came out in the open to campaign him in their own little way. I'm proud to say that I became part of it, somebody who will asks anybody that I meet to vote for the countries future.

A shenanigans came out lately about the Dear Noynoy site on "book-Face" (so what if I like to call it bookFace rather than Facebook c",) that gives public a medium to share there wishes and grievances, well I might as well make mine since its now official that he will become the next president of the country in 3 weeks.

Since I am from the Health Care sector, I would love to see changes in the country's Health Care system particularly Philhealth. As much as I applaud the creation of Philhealth and how it have help people from all walks of life, I still want its coverage widened. As of the moment, Philhealth can only cover small portion of the medical conditions and that it could only shoulder as much as PhP2,500 worth of medical bill, small enough to carry life threatening conditions among other medical conditions that needs thorough examination.

I want the coverage extended to the point that people could enjoy healthcare services 100% free like other countries. I do have some friends and relatives living abroad who told me that they don't pay anything if they seek medical care, good for them!

I really want the distribution of Philhealth Cards to be nationalized rather than given locally since it became a campaign tool for local politicians. A lot of times, I have encountered indigent patients who came to me asking for help since they were not given by the Mayor a health card because they were identified to have not voted for him during the last election, I mean, could they really be this cruel and dubious?

Hopefully President Elect Noynoy could find a way to change this system, I know giving free healthcare is not easy having a government that thrives with budget deficits but at least he could find a way to make the distribution nationalized so it wont be used by power hungry politicians.

Oh well, wishing him all the best!


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